Thursday, March 28, 2013

Contoh Biografi Bahasa Inggris

Agan pelajar ?? pasti pernah disuruh guru buat biografi dalam bahasa inggris kan ?? pasti doong ;;) ga tau buat apa di biografi ?? tenang gan,ni gua kasih gambaran supaya agan bisa mendapat inspirasi dalam membuat biografi. .

    First,my name’s Fariz Hafdiansyah.I was born in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam at 04 December 1995.I was born from a simple family.I live in BTN PIM Mahoni street no.4.
My father works in a private company Pupuk Iskandar Muda,while my mother was a teacher.I was a first child of 3 brothers.I have one brother and one sister.Now my brother’s are studying in class 1 senior high school Dayah Modern Arun,while my sister’s are studying in primary school.

         Now,i am studying in Sukma Bangsa Lhokseumawe senior high school.I have lot friends in this school.Sometimes they are a litle bit crazy,kwkwkwk.i am just kidding.Crazy in the sense of a unique and has many features.That’s why i feel at home in this school.I have many hobbies in my life that is playing futsal,playing football,playing basketball,playing volleyball and racing on the road.Okay,now let’s talk about my nature.Many say i have a hard-headed nature,meaning
not easily accept what people say if it does not fit with what i think.But maybe i did have such properties.I have a principle of life that is “Freedom in My Life”.I don’t like anyone except my parent’s arranged my life.I have a dream that is to be a chemistry professor.Cause my favorite lesson is chemistry.Sometimes people say chemistry is hard,but to me chemistry is fun.After graduation,i want to attend college in Padjadjaran University in west java,Bandung.Hopefully i pass there.Next,i have a favorite cartoon,favorite football team and favorite football player.My favorite cartoon is Patrick Star.He’s a sea star in the cartoon spengebob squarepants.Why he became to my favorite cartoon ? because he unique and sometimes stupid,but he’s very loyal to his friend. That is what makes me so admired .Next,my favorite football team is “Manchester city”.It was a great team.They have a motto “Born blue,live blue.die blue”.Now,let’s talk about my favorite player,That is Francesc Fabregas.he’s from LaMasia academy football and he’s national is Spain.Now he plays in Barcelona FC.Position he plays is Midfielder center.He also played in the Spanish national team.He was one of the talented players in the world.Okey,probably enough here about me.see you next time if we meet a later time.

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